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A family owned business since 1990

Cobblestone Concepts  evolved from its roots as consulting geographic information  system firm  providing  services to civil engineering companies, utility agencies and local government with embracing strategies for implementing technologies that improve the services to their clients, customers or constituents.  Technologies such as geographic information systems (GIS), Electronic Drawing Management Systems (EDMS),  and Facilities Management work with a common thread of a database information system and the use of  graphic entities to facilitate the communication and smart use of the information.  Thus, as information highway expanded global markets, we recognized a new need for our clients again building new pathways to bridge the gap between our clients and technology.

Today, we still provide consulting services in the traditional  sense through Return -on-Investment studies, feasibility studies, re-engineering reports and production and design of database construction.  However,  we now have embraced the technologies of the world wide web by providing our clients both static and dynamic web page design and hosting, sophisticated application development using  ASP, ASP.NET, CGI, PhP, and ColdFusion, smart e-commerce that benefits the client and the customer, and ePublishing that allows our clients to communicate  ideas , progress reports, company  or agency news with email and web publishing.

We have built the capability and project management skills to advise our clients on e-business from initial strategy development right through to building and maintaining an e-business. With our focus on Internet technologies and the commitment to customer delight we have been able to steadily grow our global clientele.

Although our evolution has been an exciting metamorphous, we have never lost sight of our  first mission to treat each client as world leaders in the industry they support, giving them the attention and service deserving of this status.  Our clients represent the cross section of the global economy- small business, large business, non-profit organizations and  government.  To us they are all important.

Richard K. Campbell
Cobblestone Concepts
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