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E-commerce is more than a buzzword at Cobblestone Concepts.  We will help you embrace the  tools that will make Web technology work for your business or organization: : from selling products across Internet marketplaces, to managing your business assets and more.

Online Registration

Create an online registration for your next event, conference, presentation.  Give you users the confirmation that their registration has been received at the same time you receive the information via email.  Provide your users the option to  pay on-line via credit card, check and even purchase order  with you receiving the payment directly into your bank account.  Provide your company the ability to receive the registration information in a database of preference with standard  or customized reports, database queries  and special database on-line or off-line applications to help you mange the events.

Build online catalogs and sell across Internet marketplaces

Create lists of everything you have to sell. Organize across categories and update whenever you want  Our strategies will give you  easy-to-use tools that will let you enter products one at a time or import a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet of products. If you want, you can organize products by popular categories. Include any or all of the following information.

Add items from your catalog and a built-in shopping cart to your Site Manager Web site. Turn catalog items into commerce-ready pages on a web site.  Or, list your products on popular internet marketplaces.

Be Secure

Know how to make your customer feel secure using the Internet with state-of-art encryption, digital signature and  password security that will your information  and information of your customers private.



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